Anjunem Dam, Goa

Anjunem Dam

The Anjunem Dam is located on the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway in Chorla ghat at about 10 km from the Sanquelim town. It is one of the most idyllic places to enjoy the mystic charm and greenery around.

The dam lies in a sylvan valley formed by the proximity of another peak, Morlemgad to its south-east and below one of Goa’s highest peaks, Vagheri hill.

For accommodation, there is a foret department rest house at Keri and an irrigation department rest house above the dam. There is also a private eco resort in Chorla ghat.

The ambience at the Anjunem dam is so enchanting that visitors return to the spot every monsoon or even during other seasons.

Anjunem dam has a mystic charm of its own. Located in rural Goa, Anjunem dam is counted amongst the most idyllic spots in Goa to take pleasure in the mystical charm and the greenery that surrounds the entire place.

The Anjunem dam is situated on the Sanquelim Belgaum highway in the Chorla Ghat. The place is about 10 kilometers away from the Sanquelim town. This dam is positioned in a ‘sylvan valley’ which is formed by the nearness of another peak, called Morlemgad to its south east and below one of Goa’s highest peaks, the Vagheri hill.

If you are touring in Goa, then you must visit the Anjunem dam. Out here, you can be sure to capture some of the best pictures of your life in this site. All those beach lovers who are planning to come to Goa should take a day out to visit this lovely place that is warm and welcoming for the visitors. It would definitely be a welcome change for the beach lovers as well. After all, Goa is not all about beaches. You must see the other side of Goa too.

The mystic aura of the Anjunem dam offers you every reason to immerse yourself enjoying the beauty of this place. Away from the usual hustle and bustle of the other tourist spots in Goa, you will find a serene and peaceful place to enjoy a great outing either alone or with your friends and family. The environment of the Anjunem dam is so thrilling that it makes you visit again and again.


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