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Tourist Map of Goa

Goa Tourist Map

Goa is rich in folk culture with a delightful blend of vigorous Konkani folk songs and remnants of Portuguese dance and music. Goa is best known for its spectacular beaches, but there are many old churches, monuments, temples and museums, that are a must see.Goa is very proud of the numerous churches dotted across this Indian state. Many of the Goa churches are outstanding and ideal cases of Christian architecture. Most of the churches colonial Portuguese cathedrals and are framed with columns and pilasters.

Goa is one of the smallest states in India’s map, with a territory of 3,702 sq km. Goan culture is a blend of Indian and Iberian: European style central squares and Indian bazaars, Portuguese churches sharing their walls with Hindu temples. 

Christianity and Hinduism exist side by side here. Having been ruled by the colonial Portuguese for over 450yrs, there is still a distinctive European flavor that has permeated all aspects of Goa’s Travel life including its food, religion, language, festivals, dances and names. 

Famous Tourist Places In Goa

Church of St. Francis of Assisi,Goa

Anjunem Dam, Goa

Arvalem Caves


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